Some Web Hosting Facts You Ought to Know


The internet is filled with several web hosts nowadays. There are definitely a lot of web hosting options you can choose from if you want your website to be accessible and visible on the internet. Nevertheless, you have to know that different web hosting service providers are also offering different web hosting services. So, what things must you carefully consider when it comes to choosing a web hosting service? One of the best strategies that you can do when selecting between various options of web hosting service providers is to check the web hosting services or packages that each offer. In this way, you get to decide which web hosting service provider will be able to best cater to the specific needs and requirements of your website. Generally, there are five major web hosting services being offered to clients by web hosting service providers. Some of them will be discussed as follows.

Co-location hosting: This is the type of web hosting where one is given the chance to own his or her own web server and at the same time lease the server to a third party host. The web hosting service provider makes sure to put the web server into the network. The service provider is also responsibility in the administration and availability of the network.

Shared web hosting: This is the most popular type of web hosting service to date. Your website is hosted on the same web server as those websites being owned by other people. This type of web hosting service has an allotted bandwidth for each website making use of the server. The server also imposes bandwidth restrictions for each website. This is the most affordable type of web hosting service because the cost of using the same server is divided between various web masters. Furthermore, web traffic is also shared among the websites that are on the same server.

Self hosting: This type of web hosting service requires a lot of on-time cost because the web master will be making use of a server that is provided by the client's own network provider. It is usually the web hosting service of choice for big corporations and institutions who have strict confidentiality requirements as well as tight control of their sites. The web master becomes the one who is responsible in maintaining not only the server but also the network uptimes.

Dedicated managed hosting: This is the type of web hosting service that a lot of clients choose if they have a website that needs more online storage as well as high bandwidth.